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Group purchases

YuCopia is the first ordering software with an integrated group purchase function. You either start a group purchase yourself or join in. Simply via your dashboard. Very simple and well-arranged.


You can use YuCopia to commence a group purchase at any time from your dashboard.

A group purchase is a purchase with an even bigger discount than the one you benefit from now; you just need to wait until the deadline has expired prior to which everybody is able to register in order to have your item ordered and delivered.

GuCopia is the very first and the only ordering software with an integrated feature for group purchases.

Laura says

A group purchase means that the more YuCopia users register for your group purchase, the higher the discount will be I am able to enforce.

Every time a new group purchase has commenced, a red dot appears on top of the icon in the navigation bar of your dashboard.
You can also ask Laura, your virtual office manager, to keep you informed of such group purchases by email.