The same purchasing advantages
multinationals have


Average discount
Ordered volume
€ 155.000+
Total savings
€ 49.600+


It seems unlikely, but YuCopia allows you to permanently make purchases with the same discounts received by multinationals. But which advantages do we offer on top of this?…

  • 95% Of your indirect costs (office equipment, fuel cards, drinks, insurance, cars, electrical, financial and legal services, etc.) with discounts of on average plus 40%
  • Order from your personal digital dashboard at all your suppliers (not only from YuCopia’s preferred partners)
  • Digital storage of orders, deliveries and invoices
  • Statistics, reports and purchase analyzes
  • Annual kickback (extra volume discount) on top of your current discounts
  • Integrated group purchase function (more discount)
  • Monthly once-in-a-lifetime promotions from our suppliers (even more discounts)
  • Easy to set user levels, budget limits and validation flows
  • Linking purchases to cost items, users, departments and projects …
  • Everyone within the company can order, but not everyone can validate
  • 24/7 virtual purchase assistant who assists you with all your purchases and carries out the administrative tasks that you request

… and all in one dashboard without prior knowledge or without installing software!

From multinational to multilocal

It seems unlikely, but YuCopia allows you to permanently make purchases with the same discounts received by multinationals. As we centralise and digitalise all purchases, which significantly simplifies the process chain for our suppliers, all users of YuCopia together are considered as one user.

This results in us receiving the same discounts as companies purchasing in bulk.

You could consider our approach as a permanent group purchase and regardless of whether you buy 1 pencil or 10,000, the price per pencil continues to be based on the price you pay when purchasing 10,000 pencils.


You are able to manage all orders at your existing suppliers through YuCopia, because every supplier can be uploaded in YuCopia by means of the latest invoices. Laura, your virtual office manager, will then classify and digitally parse these, making your supplier known in YuCopia.

Once that’s finished, you will be able to place orders at your suppliers. However, the rates agreed with the suppliers will still be applicable.
We are unable to change that for now. For now…



You can also opt for the YuCopia suppliers in which case we are able to guarantee discounts up to 55%. 95% of the purchases not being specific to every company (non-core purchases) will be covered by YuCopia suppliers.

The above ranges from all office materials and office design to hygiene, promotional materials, cars, legal advice, fuel cards, beverages, food,… up to insurances. And everything in between.
And just to indicate that we are extremely certain of our facts in terms of the lowest price, we even offer a lowest price guarantee on all office materials.


Save on purchases and on personnel costs! But there’s more.
Starting the end of the first year, you also receive a kickback in the form of YuCopian on all purchases made at suppliers of YuCopia.
The YuCopian is our digital coin you can use to make purchases at YuCopia suppliers as of the end of the first year.

Or you can trade them in the Blackbox on your dashboard for electronics, travels, festival tickets, etc.:
Great incentives to group purchase rates for you and your personnel.


“Hi, my name is Laura. When it’s about me, I like to take over. The people at YuCopia are used to that by now. I am the first virtual office manager for freelancers and SMEs. I assist you during purchases, classify every document and retrieve them for you, 24/7. With YuCopia and myself, you are not only centralising your purchases, you also digitalise all the records related to these purchases: from e-ordering and e-delivery to e-invoicing.

And it is obviously also possible to ask me for an overview of all spendings per department for the last quarter. Because I also report and analyse everything upon one simple request.
As long as you start the question with “Laura”, because I insist on being addressed properly…
D. Muyldermans
proUnity (10-15 pax)
“When Olivier told me about YuCopia, I immediately wanted to utilise the advantages, even though the platform was not active yet. I was eventually able to already make purchases with suppliers at the YuCopia rates, saving me 38% on average for every order. Of course, now I order through the dashboard, meaning all documents are stored in one place.”
Z. Horvath
Just Say So (2 pax)
“I have a management company and therefore pay “full price” at every supplier. This is inevitable as I don’t really have any leverage to negotiate nor do I have the time to do so. I bought my company car through YuCopia with 32% discount and my insurance only costs me half of the price I paid last year. I cannot wait to apply for a fuel card through my dashboard!”
Noëlla Buekenhout
Logiconsol (2 pax)
“YuCopia is efficient in use and we can easily find all products. Yucopia also allows us to view all orders, deliveries and invoices quickly. If I had known this platform before, it would have saved us a lot of time and worry. We would really recommend any self-employed person to use YuCopia.”