Why do we do this, where do we want to go?

Multinational vs multilocal

Multinational vs multilocal

​Due to the fact that we have digitized the entire purchasing process and that our users are “one” in the eyes of (the CRM system of) our suppliers, this enables us to obtain very far-reaching discounts and benefits.

It seems unlikely, but with YuCopia you can permanently purchase at the same discounts that multinationals receive. Because we centralize, digitize and consolidate all purchases, delivery notes and invoices (with a unique fingerprint), this makes the delivery process much easier for our suppliers. They, therefore, regard all YuCopia customers as one. As a result, we receive the same discounts as large companies and multinationals that purchase in large volumes.

This is how we shift the purchasing power of multinationals to multilocals: the YuCopia users.

You can, therefore, regard our approach as a permanent group purchase, regardless of whether you purchase 1 item or 10.000, because the price per item remains based on the price that you would receive if you purchased 10.000 items.