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No administration fee
No minimum consumption
International refueling possible
14ct discount
per litre (only in BeLux)


Free card(s)

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​As a YuCopia user refueling with ESSO? No-brainer!

Let’s face it. As an SME or freelancer, you are an embryo in the hierarchy of companies. And as an embryo, try to negotiate a discount with fuel producers. In the best case, you don’t pay any administration costs on your card. And then you have already done your best.
You’ll never have to negotiate with Yucopia again. Not only do we offer your fuel card(s) for free, but there is no compulsory minimum consumption and you also get all Esso invoices digitally in your dashboard.

But there was something else….

.. Oh yes, as a Yucopia user you get 14ct discount per liter. This will save you an average of €10 on a full tank. Per refueling. Without doing anything. Or at least not much. Just order.

About Esso

WEX Europe Services, the owner of the ESSO CARD™ fuel card portfolio, is one of the largest fuel card providers in Europe with services for small, medium and large enterprises throughout Europe. Esso has acquired Octa+ and Texaco in Belgium.

“Our reputation is built on the excellent quality of our services. Our fuel card solutions are tailored to perfectly meet the fuel needs of any company we work with, regardless of size.

Great customer service is vital to the development of our business relationships and this is why WEX Europe Services’ customer service team is committed to continuous improvement.

We are fuel card specialists who take pride in offering the highest quality services to our customers. From small businesses to multinationals, our customers rely on us to provide fuel cards of the highest quality and additional services at constantly competitive prices.

They rely on our expert teams to find the right solution for them, on our network of service stations to refuel, on our reliable online services to manage their account and on our extra services to keep them on the road.

With our WEX Esso Card, you’re never far from refueling”.