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Average of 40 %


Free from €50 excl. VAT

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​Why does Staples become your supplier for office supplies?

YuCopia allows you to order all your office supplies from Staples. There are more than 16,000 products in your catalog. You’ll find those items in the office supplies category (we had to think about that for a long time) or you can search using the search function.

“Wow, big deal, Staples?! Am I on YuCopia for that?” you would think.

Yeah, because Staples only supplies large-volume customers or multinationals worldwide. Never to SMEs.

So now it is via YuCopia. That means Staples offers the same prices for you as a YuCopia-user as it does for its large-volume customers. The difference is that you only need to order one item to buy at those prices. This means you’ll save over 40% on average if you order all of Staples’ office supplies through YuCopia.

Too good to be true? Take the test and order yourself. From €50, Staples delivers for free. Or let me run a benchmark. Send your list of last ordered items to and I’ll send you what you could have saved. Or I’ll compliment you on your great procurement skills and offer you a job at YuCopia.

About Staples

“Today, Staples is the largest company in the industry, with customers in 30 European countries and another 20 markets worldwide. We don’t just sell office supplies; we’re committed to helping you achieve your goals. Do you work at home or in the office? Our sole goal is to make sure you have everything you need to realize all your opportunities.

How do you do it? You’ll get the help you need because our people are passionate and specialized in business solutions. Staples Business Advantage® works with companies with 20 or more employees to develop custom procurement programs. You can expect dedicated account management, special pricing and benefit from a full range of products and services at the lowest total cost of ownership.

If you need us, we are there, with more advice and expertise, more choice and more value for money. At Staples Business Advantage, we work hard to help you every day.