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Professionele printers
die niet beschikbaar zijn
voor KMO of particulier
Leasing mogelijk
op kleinste modellen
Gemiddeld 15% korting
op alle toestellen

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​The 3rd largest printer manufacturer in the world now delivers at your place.

As an SME, we used to order our printers ourselves from the well-known retailers and webshops. What we didn’t know, was that with Toshiba, we had in Belgium a manufacturer of high tech professional printers that is renowned worldwide for its products, services and after sales service. Yet they didn’t deliver at SME’s. Or at least not with the conditions they gave to big volume clients.

Leasing or purchase, it doesn’t matter. With YuCopia, you order professional printers directly from Toshiba that are not available in the private or SME trade or you can also rent these multinational printers at SME rates.

You now have a multifunctional scan and colour printer of TOP quality, not available in the private sector, for €15.67 including toners the first year. A multinational company has to order at least 50 of these at the same time to get those rates.

About Toshiba

Toshiba believes that efficiently creating, processing, sharing, managing and presenting information is an important condition for a company’s success. Toshiba’s global expertise and experience in printing technology enables it to help companies maximise their communications. Together information is Toshiba’s slogan that powerfully sums up this vision.

Toshiba’s comprehensive range of industry-specific, personalised solutions can help companies reduce costs, increase productivity and ensure quality. All these efforts contribute to the future of companies and the environment.